Natasha Koo

Understand how your feminine essences draws men towards you

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5 Day Journey To Softening Into Our Feminine Essence – If you feel stuck and overwhelmed with no idea what to do next, this free 5-day journey brings forth true and lasting changes with a feminine ease and flow that we’re naturally born with as women.

The secret isn’t in more spiritual practices or positive affirmations. Adding on more and more things to remember and habits to upkeep fuels this unending search. This 5-day experience will unlock your natural feminine wisdom that can help you succeed in any situation.

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Natasha Koo is an international Life Transition Specialist and Founder of Feminine Space. She has supported hundreds of ambitious women to confidently thrive in discovering and living their life purpose.

Natasha doesn’t share tips and tricks to make things slightly better, but guides women to realize their biggest ambitions without the draining masculine ‘push and pull’ struggle of forcing things to happen.

Natasha leads you to the magic you’ve been looking for, where each step you take effortlessly leads you to a life that feels just right, like a beautiful return to who you truly are.

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