Your Love Blueprint Replay

Day 1
Creating a New Story of Connection: Releasing Myths About What’s Possible

Katie Hendricks

Day 2
How to Become your Most Attractive Self

Shelly Bullard

Day 3
3 Tips To Being Relationship Ready

Clayton Olson

Day 4
How to Manage a Crazy Brain in Love

Scott Catamas

The Evolution of Relationships

Karen Klassen

Day 5
How to Attract an Emotionally Healthy Relationship

Riana Milne

The 4 Types of Men: Learn what each personality type secretly wants to create a deep connection

Samantha Jayne

Day 6
Why great men pull away and become distant
Cyndi Olin
How to Recognize Red Flags in Dating
Helena Hart
Day 7
The Importance of Self-Care and Self-Love in Attracting the One
Julia Keller
Claiming Your Inner Irresist-Ability™
Dave Elliott
Day 8
What’s the Point? Discover Your Personal Model for Relationship
Alison Armstrong
Day 9
How to Get Noticed Whether It’s Online or in Person
Lisa Concepcion
Day 10
Emotionally Naked Dating

Lisa Shield

Quantum Jumping into Manifesting Love

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch

Day 11
Magnetic Scripts: How to Ask Him for What you Want and Have Him Feel Inspired to Make You Happy
Magnetic Scripts: How to Ask Him for What you Want and Have Him Feel Inspired to Make You Happy

Shahrzad Malika

Single And Feeling Stuck – Are You Making These 3 Key Dating Mistakes?

Ane Auret

Day 12
Your Words Mean Everything to a Man.. How to Talk to a Man in a Way That Inspires His Natural Drive to Claim You & Keep You!

Adrienne Everheart

Men’s Perspective on Dating

Mark Rosenfeld

Day 13
A Man is a Man – Why Relationships Between Men and Women are Suffering in a Wo’rld That’s Strikving for Gener Equality

Lynda Love

Here’s Why You’re Still Single!

Laura Menze

Day 14
Understand How Your Feminine Essences Draws Men Towards You

Natasha Koo


Jessica Elizabeth Opert

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