Shahrzad Malika

How to ask him for what you want so that he feels inspired to make you happy

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✿ The reason he withdraws or attacks when you want something as simple as more attention from him – EVEN when you ask sweetly.

✿ The reason why being nice and accommodating when he is not making you happy turns him off.

✿ The NUMBER 1 element that you must honor and connect to when communicating with a man

✿ The words to avoid when communicating with a man (the ones that make him not want to listen, or get defensive with you)

✿ The 4 Steps to Magnetic Scripting – Using the words and feelings (even jealousy) to make him feel pulled towards you like a magnet.

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Shahrzad is a certified love and relationship coach and she supports women to connect to their feminine energy and their divine power to start attracting the soul-filling love and relationships that their hearts desires. She believes that every woman deserves to be fully loved, adored, and cherished and it’s her mission to hep women discover their own truth and create the love life that they have always wanted. Whether it’s the commitment, the ring, the marriage, or healing their current relationships, she believes that every woman can have it all when she decides to learn new love skills that have worked for her and 100s of her clients.

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